May 20, 2007

All Creatures- Great and Small!

The other day I was looking into the eyes of my precious doggie Scooter, and realized that he's precious in the eyes of God. Scooter's innocense and purity are because of God. He's God's little creature and everything that God creates is good. So, your little dog, cat, or whatever creature you have at home as a pet is precious to God. It's amazing how God creates every single creature on the face of this earth differently. There is no creature that is exactly the same. God creates them with their own uniqueness and beauty. I believe God created them because He wanted for us to see His splendor and majesty; and He desires for us to respect what He has created, especially our pets. We are called to be good stewards of all things on earth, and that certainly includes the animals. God entrusted you with the pet in your home. I believe that's the reason we grieve so much when they pass away. We take the best care of them and we miss them. They become part of our daily lives. But, there's hope in every tear you shed. There's hope in Christ. God gives us the strength to press-on and He gives us the strength to live the next day without them in our homes. Our pets aren't gone, they've just moved closer into our hearts!

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