December 30, 2008

Remembering Our Four-legged Furry Friends

Thank you for believing in the S.A.P.P.Y. Pet Loss & Grief Support Group of San Antonio. Your support and prayers mean the world to us! And, thank you for participating in the 2008 Tribute to Tails.

The 6th Annual Tribute to Tails was a success, thanks to you! Dozens of pet parents from across our beautiful city of San Antonio filled the Parish Hall at St. Francis Episcopal Church December 13.

The music was SO awesome and the pet poems were truly inspirational. The message delivered by the Rev. Patrick Ormos was WONDERFUL and touched so many people. And the poem read by our good friend, Tom McGoldrick of Paws in Heaven, was absolutely precious. Plus, several organizations were on hand to share their missions for helping God's creatures. The evening was beautiful and everyone raised their lit candles toward the Heavens to pay tribute to their furry friends - gone, but NEVER forgotten. Afterwards, pet parents gathered for some fellowship time. We ate tasty treats and so did our furry friends who accompanied us. Whether you've sent a dog, cat, horse, hamster, frog, fish, bird or even an elephant to Heaven, you're not alone! Your grief is REAL and we are here for you. Every creature is important to God and to us! Tribute to Tails is a VERY unique event because not only do we honor the memory of our late furry friends, but we celebrate the pets in our lives today. It's not a sad time, it's a time of celebration and hope! And, it's an opportunity to meet other GREAT pet parents who share and understand your feelings.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your friends,
Jim & Julie Wiley

Special Thanks to The 2009 Tribute to Tails Committe for ALL of their hard work and dedication and *those who provided their support to this event.

Pam, Carol and Travis Fink, Jeanette Mohr, Teri Ealey, Nora Ramirez, Frank Ballard, Boni & Charlie Hall, Dolph & Ana Tamayo, Yvette Ramirez, Jim Wiley. And, to our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who made this event possible.

*Jaquie Baker, New Member Minister and the Rev. Dr. C. Patrick Ormos, Rector

St. Francis Episcopal Church, San Antonio, Texas

*Tom and SueAnn McGoldrick of Paws in Heaven Pet Crematory, Sattler, Texas

* Sarah Centeno, vocal artist, and her parents Mr. & Mrs. Centeno.

December 11, 2008

It's HERE!

The 6th Annual Tribute to Tails is this Saturday, December 13. Don't miss this VERY unique event - it's your opportunity to pay tribute to those precious and wonderful furry friends, alongside other amazing pet parents.

See you there!