August 3, 2008

In Memory of Our Sappy

We Love you, SAPPY
I can't believe it's been five years since our precious Sappy went to Heaven. Sappy, our white longhaired 14-year-old Chihuahua, took his last breath on earth on Monday, August 4, 2003, at 12:20 p.m. I can still remember holding his beautiful little head in my hands, with my voice whispering, "I love you," into his small furry ears. He seemed very comfortable knowing I was right next to him, where he always felt the safest.

Tears rolled down my face, as he left this earth. I could almost see God's angels carrying him in their arms to Heaven. We know without a doubt, our little furry boy went to Heaven. I tried to be strong, but deep inside, I was breaking into a million pieces. He was no longer here on earth. His tiny body layed lifeless, but I know his little soul and spirit are very much alive in the City of God.

I can see him with my faith - he's running through God's wonderful streams of crystal blue and green water and standing tall on the Lord's beautiful pastures. He's playing in God's gardens and resting in soft green grass, next to other dogs and cats, including:

Frieda, Rosie, Delight, Starbuck, Max, Megan, Muffin, Abby, Scoobey, Curly, Roscoe, Gracie, Barney, Mickey, Lady, Ninja, Samson, Charlie, Chance, Mickey, Minnie, Junior, Lulu, Pink, Freddy, Pops, Coco, Furball, Tori, Kit Kat, Maggie, Aspen, Cheetah, Sparkle, Moxie, Ranger, Rockie, Pranser, Sebastian, Pookie, Jasper, Devin, Friday, Daisy Mae, Ralph, Pugoet, Cashew, Sayrah, Angus, Tess, Grace, Little, Cassie, Jasmin, Mia, Nala, Megan, Bruce, Bitsy, Lucy, Buckie, Teegie, Sadie, Buddy, Sparky, Bear, Shadow, Punky, Nikki, Will, Shotz, AC, Bucki, Mandi, Rick, Kati, Chloe, Benito, Fluffy, Marcus, Lucky, Blackie, Bandit, Sugar, Cheddar, Boo Boo, Dilan, Sratch, Fries, Jake, Jodie, Abbie, Apollo, Toni, Kipli, Chula, Petey, Ricky, Chili, Rebel, The Beagle, Madeleine, JoJo, Angel, Henry, Teddy, Oliver, Missy Lou, Celeste, and many, many, many others...

Seconds after our Sappy was gone to Rainbow Bridge (Heaven), we walked out of the veterinarian's clinic, leaving our boy's little body in the hands of our veterinarian friend. We had Sappy cremated by wonderful people whom we trust with all of our hearts.

I felt so empty, alone and extremely numb (shocked). That day really did happen. Reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything on earth has an ending. Sooner or later, we will all have to leave this earth. But there's always hope! Hope tells us that through a relationship with Jesus Christ, we will see our pets again. Hope tells us that someday, in God's own timing, we will be reunited with those who've died in Christ. Hope tells us that, all things are possible. And, that should give us the strength to carry on each new day without our precious four-legged furry friends, like our Sappy.

Our hope is in Christ, alone. We know without a doubt that we shall see Sappy again! And, that gives us great peace and puts a BIG smile on our faces! Sappy left this earth, but never has he left our hearts. He lives deep within our hearts every day and every minute of our lives.

Thank you, God and thank you, Sappy, for touching our lives and for changing our hearts to see the beauty in all living creatures - great and small.We miss you and we will see you at the gates of Heaven on that glorious day.

Dad & Mom (Jim & Julie Wiley)August 4, 2008 - 5 Year Anniversary - Sappy in Heaven

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