March 29, 2007

Happy Friday Everyone! It's a time for New Beginnings!

There's no doubt, Spring has sprung! Spring is a reminder of New Beginnings. It's a time to celebrate God's gift to us—the trees, flowers, grass and the newborn babes-fur babies too, of course! It's a celebration of new life. Let's look even deeper. This springtime celebration is far more than new leaves on a tree or flowers blooming in your garden—it's deeper. It's about a new heart! It's about starting over. It's about second chances. You see, it all begins in the heart. It's the season of a new life in Jesus Christ.
On Easter morning, as you wake up, give thanks to God for another day; for good health. Give Him thanks for the family He's blessed you with and for the pets He's allowed for you to love and care for here on earth. But, most of all, give Him thanks for giving you new life. When Jesus was crucified, He went to the cross for YOU and for me. He went to the cross, so that we could live forever in Heaven. He died and rose on the third day. He's ALIVE! He lives and He loves YOU so much, more than words can describe. Jesus is about second chances and new beginnings. He's about forgiveness and unconditional love. He loves YOU so much that He suffered on a cross to provide us a way to Heaven. So, when you and I leave this earth due to death, we will live forever somewhere—for eternity. So choose life today; choose to be forgiven of your sins. Repent and ask Jesus to come live inside of your heart, forever! By doing so, you will be forgiven and when you die, you will go straight to Heaven where you will spend eternity next to the ONE (Jesus) who gave you life. Plus, you will get to see your beloved pet who will be there too, because animals do go to Heaven. What a blessing to be able to see your pet again. Jesus is the way to Heaven; the ONLY way!
Pray the following prayer with all of your heart and give your life to Jesus today.
Prayer of Salvation:
Lord Jesus, I ask for you to forgive me of my sins today. I need you in my life and I acknowledge that you are Lord and Savior of my life, and that you died on the cross for me, so that I may live in Heaven forever. Forgive me of my sinful ways and come live in me from now on. Show me and guide me each and every day. In your name Jesus , I pray. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer from your heart and truly believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and Savior of your life, you have been saved and will spend eternity in Heaven. Rejoice! It's a time to celebrate your new life in Christ. I celebrate with you as you begin your new life in Jesus Christ today and always. Now, begin your new life by seeking a good, Bible-based church where you can grow and meet other Christians; and begin to read your Bible daily, so you can grow in the Word of God. And, begin a prayerful life by praying everyday. Did you know that simply talking to God is prayer. When you open your heart to God and tell him your deepest concerns, dreams, worries, joys, ANYTHING—you are praying to God, who hears you. Call on Him daily and begin an intimate-personal relationship with the Lord today.
I will be praying too. Amen.
Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Day! Happy New Beginnings!

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