September 3, 2007

In Memory of Kipli

In Memory of Kipli, a beautiful Doberman-mixed doggie. Her mommy Susie pays tribute to her precious girl.
Dates of life: September 9, 1993 - August 25, 2007. Kipli loved riding in her mommy's car! In the photo, you can see her excitement, as she sits joyfully in the car! You can see Kipli's smile and happiness. She looks totally content in this photo.
She was the love of her mommy's life. She brought a great deal of joy to her mommy's world. She will be greatly missed by her human family, but there's no doubt that Kipli will be watching from heaven and protecting them each and every day. She will also be able to accompany her mommy every where. There's no place on the face of this earth that she can't go, because she lives right inside of her mommy's heart, forever! Kipli is now resting in peace and enjoying eternity in heaven with God.

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