June 22, 2007

It's another summer without Sappy

It's summertime! For many, it's a time to take a vacation. For some, it's summer school, and for others, it's spending more time outdoors doing fun things like swimming, biking or walking the pets! For me, it's a reminder of the summer that I had to say farewell to my precious little Sappy. This year (2007), it'll mark four years since my fur baby passed away. Sappy would be 18 years old this year. In June of 2003, Sappy was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I still remember the day I received this horrible news from the vet. My whole world caved in on me. I was devastated. I thought to myself, "What? Cancer? No way!" I was in total shock. Never in a million years did I think Sappy would have cancer. I'd heard about others who lost their pets to cancer, but no, not me! This couldn't be happening to us. It was as if I had a bad dream or someone was playing a cruel joke on me. I remember holding Sappy in my arms in the waiting room, just outside of the vet's exam room, when the vet came out and said, "It's cancer. Sappy has cancer." My entire body was numb. I immediately looked at Sappy and he looked at me, as if he understood. I believe he did understand. His eyes became glossy, as he saw mine fill with tears. I can't even begin to tell you what I felt. I was in disbelief.

"Looking back now, I can tell you that my season of grief kicked in."
My husband looked at us and said, "Let's go home. We need a second opinion. It's probably not cancer." We paid our bill, got into our car and drove home. I cried the entire way home, telling my husband, "This can't be! It's can't be!" As tears rolled down my face, and Sappy sitting on my lap. I caressed his little face and kissed him. I told him, "Sappy, it's going to be OK. You do not have cancer. You are healed and Jesus is going to help us. He's going to help us!" My baby boy fell asleep in my arms, knowing that it would be OK. The journey had just begun! The next morning, I took him in for a second opinion. The results were the same. I took him for a third opinion. The results remained the same. I prayed so hard for God to heal him of cancer. I prayed daily with all of my heart, soul, and mind. I prayed constantly. But, I also prayed for God's will.
"And, God's will was to heal Sappy in heaven, not here. God answered my prayer in
a deeper way."
God delivered my precious little dogie of cancer in heaven. I trust that God always knows best and there's always a reason for what happens here on earth. God had a plan! And, my Sappy is no longer physically with me here on earth, but he remains faithfully in my heart for eternity. He's in heaven with God and someday I will be reunited with him. What a day that will be. What an awesome reunion. And, because of his death, the SAPPY Pet Loss & Grief Support Group of San Antonio, got started. This group was organized with every single pet parent who is or has experienced the loss of a precious pet in mind.

This support group is Christian-based. We pray before and after every single gathering. We read bible scripture, and we share the love of Christ in this inner-circle of friends. The reason it's a Christian-based group, is because I'm a Christian woman whose faith and hope is in Jesus Christ. You see, I could have never overcome this great loss in my life, if I didn't have a relationship with Christ. The loss was too big for me to overcome alone. I had to rely on the one who gave me strength, love, mercy, compassion, faith and most of all, the hope I needed to believe that I will see Sappy again. Until then, God has a long list of things for me to do here on earth. And, you're included. I will continue to support pet parents who are grieving, like I once did. I'm here for you! I love you and please know, that you aren't alone. See you at the next support group gathering.

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