May 28, 2009

"RED" Needs A New Rainbow of Color in Her Life
Abandoned dog needs good, responsible pet parents

May 29, 2009

Imagine your family packing up their suitcases and loading their car with all of their keepsakes, then driving away without you. That's what happened to Red.

Red is a beautiful dog who was recently abandoned by her family - (See attached photo of Miss Red).

Red's family moved three months ago and left her behind. She was running the streets during the day and returned to her family's vacant home at night. Karen Hilo, a very special and compassion lady noticed that Red was homeless and probably thirsty and hungry, so she started feeding her.

It was a challenge for Karen to get near Red, as Karen wanted to take her home. But at the right time, Red began to trust Karen. Finally Karen was able to connect with Red. Karen now has Red in her home where she lives in the garage. Karen says, "As you can imagine, I had no idea what this dog was like but knew in my heart it was for the best. I opened the cage in my closed garage and out she came."

Karen says while scared, Red didn't show any aggression. When Red saw Karen's other dogs, she quickly became "alive" and started wagging her tail. She also started playing right away with Karen's other fur kids. "I have had her for three weeks. She is coming along, getting use to me. She has had her shots and is getting fixed next week," explains Karen. "I am sure she would make a wonderful dog for a family that has at least one dog in the home."

Karen says that Red likes and plays very nicely with others dogs. Red is also house trained and is a really sweet dog. She adds, "I also had her seen by Haley Cyr, the dog trainer at Animal Defense League (ADL), who had very nice things to say about her." Karen would love to see Red placed in a good, loving forever home.

If anyone is interested in adopting Red, please contact Karen Hilo at by e-mail at

NOTE: Karen isn't interested in placing Red in a shelter. She really wants to find a good home for her, a home that has at least one other dog. In the meantime, Red will remain living with Karen until someone adopts her. Karen already has several dogs of her own, so she really can't adopt Red. If someone is interested in adopting her, it would require a slow move between both homes and for a few weeks so that Red does not feel abandoned again. Karen wants the BEST for Red.

Background information about Red:
- She seems larger in the photo. She is actually only about 30 pounds, full grown and 1-2 ys. old
- She is Well behaved, but shy around people
- Mixed-breed (not sure?). Has Red hair
- Loving personality
- Gets along with other dogs
- Is a bit shy
- Has shots
- Will be getting spayed by foster parent
- In good health

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Red, please contact Karen right away by email at:

Please feel free to forward this email to ALL of your pet lover friends and family. And, please keep Red in your daily prayers.

Thank you and God bless you.

Your friends,

Jim & Julie Wiley
(210) 216-0920
S.A.P.P.Y. Pet Loss & Grief Support Group of San Antonio (Since 2003)

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