July 18, 2007

Finding comfort in the midst of grief

Is it possible to find comfort during our grief?

It is possible to find comfort, even when we're right in the middle of our grief. How do we find this comfort? We find it in our faith!

If you ask me how I found comfort, I'll tell you I found it in God. Having faith and knowing in your heart that God truly cares about your grief...about your loss, makes a difference. It really does!

And, sharing your feelings of sadness and loss with others is like finding a treasure. This support group helps put things into perspective. The people who come have one thing in commmon, they're hurting just like you are hurting, and for the same reason. No one has to feel embarrassed or ashamed to grief over a precious pet because everyone at the group gatherings share those feelings.

Come as you are! Leave supported. We're here for you!!!! Call for location information, (210) 216-0920.

Hope to see you there!

NOTE: If you would like for our group to hold you in prayer, please send us your prayer request and we will add you to our prayer list on Tuesday nights.

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